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Why to chose a buyback or lease return vehicle?

A popular myth among people is that the main advantage of buying lease-return car is its lower price. The reality, however, actually differ from this view. In most cases, the cost of lease-return and so-called buyback (bought to sell a new or larger model) cars is higher than the market average for a particular model and brand. This trend is absolutely logical with cause underpinned precisely in the real advantages of buying a similar asset. These advantages are the proven origin, service history and genuine mileage, assurance of the technical condition and in most cases a guarantee.

Originating - As incredible as it sounds, the cars purchased and driven in Bulgaria only have a number of long-term advantages over imported from other parts of Europe. Surprisingly Bulgarians keep and maintain carefully their newly purchased cars. Another great advantage in the winter season is that weaker chemicals are used to treat the roads in winter conditions (those which have been processed at all), which are more friendly to the iron sheets of our cars and reduce the risk of corrosion over the vehicle. These are the main risks hiding cars 'import' from Italy, Germany, Austria or Switzerland, as the Italians are famous for their negligence towards their vehicles and the last countries use very strong chemicals for treating the snow and cars imported from there very soon being drilled by corrosion.

Service history - All new cars purchased in Bulgaria (either lease or not) have been necessarily serviced at authorized service centers of the brand as a basic warranty requirement. The service in the warranty period of the car is done within 15,000 km mileage or per calendar year (if the mileage not traveled). All these maintenances and additional repairs on the car are properly described in the service book of the car and also can be checked at dealerships.

Technical condition - even if you are to buy a vehicle with warranty expired and the service history after the end of the warranty period not properly filled, in order this vehicle to be bought by the authorized dealership it has to be in good technical condition and pass an overall inspection. So when you decide to buy it, the authorized service guarantee for the current technical condition of the vehicle and do not have to question friends and acquaintances for a trusted service in which to do an inspection of your future car without being misled.

Guarantee - Many of the cars up to 5 years are still factory warranty that is the biggest security in such an important purchase. Many dealerships now offer collateral, usually for a period of 6 or 12 months for vehicle with expired warranty.